Alice Evans

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Alice Evans nude

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British actress and former babe Alice Evans began filling her acting dossier in France by appearing on the short-lived television series Elisa top modele in 1996.

character1-awkward,shy and likes to read a lot. She is bullied a lot and is considered weird by her peers. She sometimes says stupid things when she is nervous around people.
Character2-character 1 cousin, she is outgoing and outspoken. She is silly and never takes anything serously and lives for now and not later. she has a great relationship with her cousin and they are like sisters,they are also bluntly honest with each other.

Character3-Character 1’s crush,he’s a sweet guy but naive at times and lets his girlfriend run all over him. He always ask advice from his the wisest person he knows(the main character.) he has no clue that the main character likes him.
names: Drew,Dereck,Bryce,Brandon,Cole,Evan,Jeremiah,Kevin,Sam,Tyler,Travis,
Character 4-character 3 girlfriend,she is mean and outspoken to many people and does not care whos feelings she hurts. She does have a soft spot for her little brother though but thats all.
names: Mia,Megan,Jazmine,Danielle,Raquel,Tatiana
Character5- He often bullies the main character,he is a jokester and immature but he is pretty to his friends and will stick up for them.
names: Reggie,Miles,Malik,Michael,Omar,

suggestions for names are welcomed


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